Supply Chain Management

A. The SureCount SmartTray™ system will result in reduced spending on stocking and replacing the surgical instrument inventory as well as fewer vendors, contracts, and POs.

A. The SmartTray™ is designed to be compatible with the six largest instrument manufacturers, you can use your own instruments in any combination.

A. The SmartTray™ is designed with instrument specific brackets which can be customized to your institutions needs.

Sterile Processing Department

A. The SmartTray™ is designed to visually assist the user in instrument identification and count confirmation. This results in accelerated training and education, faster tray set up time and fewer loads in the autoclave.

A. The SmartTray™ system provides a chain of custody and accountability for surgical instrumentation between the SPD and the OR . This results in faster turnaround time and fewer incomplete trays being sent to surgery.

A. The SmartTray™ is made from a combination of aluminum and stainless steel and designed to have the same life span of the instruments they contain. The SmartTray™ design has an emphasis on space management to accommodate the essential instruments for each procedure. The SmartTray™ is fully compatible with sterilization containers and CSR wrap.

Operating Room & Surgical Services

A. The SmartTray™ is designed to reduce the lost, damaged, dropped, and missing instruments, provide faster response to the surgeon’s instrument request, and assist the nurse with immediate visual and tactile identification of a missing instrument.

A. The initial SmartTrays™ are designed for General surgery and C-section surgery, this will generally be up to 70% of a hospital’s procedures.

A. The SmartTray™ can be configured to address a wide variety of surgical procedures including thoracic, cardiovascular, orthopedic, etc. Our focus is on the essential general instruments so we can collaborate with our customers to get the best combination of standardization and customization in the instrument selection.

Risk Management

A. The SmartTray™ System is designed to assist the SPD and OR staff by scaling the weight of the SmartTray™ to avoid competitive stress disorders and reducing the overall number of instruments in circulation to reduce adverse events from excess instrument handling.

A. The SmartTray™ System reduces the potential for retained surgical instruments. This is facilitated through the patented SmartBar™ which provides visual and tactile confirmation to the OR nurse that the manual instrument count is accurate, and the patient, staff and facility are not at risk of a retained instrument (1 in every 5,500 procedures).

Financial Management

A. The SureCount SmartTray™ System is designed to eliminate up to 50%-70% of the instruments that are in constant circulation but seldom, if ever used. Each instrument has a documented reprocessing cost of $0.65- $0.98 per use. The SmartTray™ System is also designed for simplicity and accountability to reduce replacement cost for instruments OR cost when a tool goes missing, X-rays in the body when the count is not reconciled, and the potential for a retained surgical instrument which is a potential liability of $1.9M to the institution.

A. The SureCount SmartTray™ System is designed to be extremely durable and have a utilization cost of under $2 per procedure.

A. The SmartTray™ System is designed to increase institutional efficiencies across the Supply Chain, SPD, OR, and Risk Management departments. By minimizing the replacement cost ($20-$40 per instrument), reprocessing cost ($.0.68-$0.98), cost when a tool goes missing ($43 per minute in the OR), RN time looking for a tool ($112-$161 per instance) and X-rays in the body cavity ($3K per instance) savings per procedure could exceed $60.

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