The SmartTray™ is an FDA Class I device and Patented in the US and Worldwide

SureCount Surgical™ was formed by physicians, nurses, and technicians with a mission and passion to develop a repeatable, scalable, and sustainable solution to a decades-old problem.

The design of the trays – a multi-year process informed by input from surgeons, perioperative nurses, sterile processing leaders, engineers, and medical device experts – has resulted in a sustainable modular tray system that integrates easily into current processes and procedures. During a long lifecycle, it saves time, helps surgeries run more smoothly, frees valuable real estate in the OR, and greatly reduces risk to staff and patients.

With the simple adoption of the SureCount Surgical™ Instrument Management System, medical facilities now have a clear and compelling path forward to improved financial, surgical, and safety outcomes for almost all procedures.

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