Rationalize your surgical instrument selection by eliminating all of the non-essential instruments:

  • Numerous clinical studies have shown up to 40%-80% of the general instruments are seldom if ever used in a procedure.
  • Surgery accounts for approximately 50% of a hospital’s total operating cost.
  • Surgical instruments make up most of the department’s non-labor cost.

Create a chain of custody and accountability for the essential instruments:

  • Visually and physically count assistive design provides immediate feedback ensuring all the necessary instruments are in each bracket.
  • The patented SmartBar™ offers a visual aid to confirm that the manual instrument count is correct.
  • Each bracket has the name and count for specific instruments accelerating training, set-up time, and turnover time in the OR with a reduction in lost, dropped, damaged, and missing instruments.

Increase your institutional efficiency while significantly reducing your financial exposure due to instrument overload:

  • The SmartTray™ is designed to provide a sustainable, repeatable process and product that maximizes space management and minimizes instrument selection to the essential tools.
  • The SmartTray™ is customizable to your individual IDN standards to maximize efficiency and minimize cost across the institution.
  • The SmartTray™ is a system of surgical trays starting with General Surgery and C-sections but easily expands to other surgical disciplines.
Surgical Instrument Tray by SureCount

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